A Message from Brian Johnston

Lead Tutor and Owner-Manager of Tralee IDL

“As a trained management professional with significant leadership input into the management of people I relish the opportunity to progress people’s development. I am a father of two school going children and I hold qualifications from Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Limerick.

Brian Johnston

In my previous work I focused on the development and training of people. I have noticed over the years that certain factors are consistent with the greater progression of team and individual development and understanding. Letting people learn at their own pace is a consistent factor towards their progression and ability. Encouraging progress and acknowledging effort is key at Tralee IDL – we create the right conditions for personal reading and spelling progress.
Having consistently witnessed proof that the IDL system of learning suits all abilities; I retrained to become a qualified professional IDL Tutor. My objective is to provide a supportive environment to make a positive difference to the learning experience…”